Saturday, January 26, 2013


There are some days that I just sit back and pinch myself in an effort to believe that my calling can be so much fun.  Yes, fun as in laugh-out-loud, running around a ping pong table, out-of-breath fun.

The kind of fun that relishes in do-overs.  The kind of fun that includes all people and all gifts.  The kind of fun that brings laughter together.  The kind of fun that breaks down barriers of ages and beliefs and differences.

The kind of fun that would bring Jesus to join us around a ping pong table.  

Ever heard of KONG?

If not, you're missing out.

Trust me, the fun is embedded in the game itself.  Here's what you need for a night filled with lots of laughs, exercise, and plenty of new friends:

ping pong table, ping pong ball, and at least 3 people (you don't even need paddles, just your hands).

I first came to know about KONG while in seminary thanks to my friends who hung out at the Ohio State Campus Ministry.  The game was too good to keep to themselves.  And since then the game of KONG has been present during lunch breaks, New Year's Eve celebrations, evening study breaks, and everything in between.

You basically hit the ping pong ball and then run around the table to the other side so you can hit the ball back over again.  Over and over again.  Making sure the ball bounces on your side first before heading over the net.

Imagine the fun in gathering with seminary students of all ages and your professors to run around the ping pong table hoping not to get out.

Imagine the fun in ringing in the new year with friends new and old and learning about your strengths and weaknesses as you keep your eye on the ball.

Imagine the fun in seeing everyone take part and everyone having a gift to share.

This fun was brought to Missouri at a dinner party with three different families present and ages ranging from 15 - 50.  Pastors and pastor's spouses, construction workers, business owners, high school administrators, and students were all part of the fun.  And of course there was laughter.  And there was learning about each other and our strengths.  And lots of do-overs.

Glimpses of the kingdom of God.    

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