Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book of Mormon Love

I love musicals.

I can't pinpoint when the love began.  Perhaps it even began in the womb since my parents were both lovers of musicals.  I only remember that musical theatre has been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember.

Community theatre.  Musicals on VHS and DVD.  Listening to soundtracks on car rides.

And of course my first NYC Broadway musical.  Titanic the Musical.  Yes, even with knowing the ending, the musical drew me in from the first note of the orchestra.  I first learned of Titanic the Musical from the Rosie O'Donnell show where I saw the cast sing their opening number.  I knew all the words to the music well before making our way to New York City.

As my mom and I sat in the theatre to see Titanic, I remember holding back tears as the orchestra began.  At this point I wasn't crying over the fate of the Titanic's passengers but rather tears of joy and awe at the beauty and magic of live theatre.  Live musical theatre.  As many musicals as I have seen since, Titanic holds a special place in my heart.  My mom and I even figured out that her first Broadway musical was seen in the same theatre as we saw Titanic.  (Of course my husband doesn't know this yet but we'll be taking our children to that same theatre for their first Broadway musical).

I'll see any musical and when friends organized to see The Book of Mormon I immediately said, "Yes!"  We had the tickets for 10 months before the show thanks to its amazing popularity in Chicago.

The day of the show from beginning to end was perfect.  Perfect in the sort of way where you feel completely at home and completely known by friends.  Perfect in a pinch-yourself-this-can't-be-that-good kind of a day.  Perfect as only perfect can be when you are surrounded by imperfect people who know just how imperfect you are too.

The group at the show consisted of college and seminary friends and the partners we've acquired along the way.  Some of us go back 12 years and have plenty of stories and laughs to share.  Living in a new town and a new state venturing into this world of pastor can be lonely at times.  It takes time to build relationships and the Book of Mormon day was just the needed reminder that I am known and loved.  And that friendship transcends time and place.    

After the show one of our friends arranged with his high school friend who just happened to be in the cast a back stage tour for our group.  So just imagine the excitement for this musical-loving gal.  Pure joy.

As I said, it was a perfect day.
Not only did I take part in one of my favorite activities with a live show, but I was surrounded by people who have weathered the darkness with me and accompanied me through the years of discernment, doubt, fear, and joy.

I will take the opportunity to see a musical any day, but more importantly, I'll also take the chance to experience the awe and magic of deep friendship.  Of being known.  Of love.  



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