Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Piggy Bank

It's that time of the year again. 

An intentional time of the year for people to hear how God has blessed us and how we can shine God's light through our time and talents. 

It's that time of the year again. 

As a congregation, we talked and talked and talked about how to share our time and talents.  

Then something happened. In the midst of our efforts talking about shining God's light among and with the people of the congregation, God's light broke through with the actions of a child.

During the children's sermon, Rusty was asking the youth where they share their gifts and how they help others in the community and at school. We heard about the youth cleaning up after the lunch room rush, welcoming a new student on his first week, and a neighbor offering homework help to the new kid in the neighborhood. Some were listening, some were watching each other, but all the adults had their eyes on the children.

Anna was sitting on the floor watching everyone and listening to Rusty. Layla was with her mom on the pew when she noticed the bright blue piggy banks next to her. The piggy banks were given to the Sunday school class to think about where their money goes. How do they save, spend and share. Layla sees the pig and she sees Anna. Off her mom's lap she goes and grabs the piggy bank to give to Anna.

Two children sharing. Two children knowing perhaps more intimately than adults what it is to give and love without restraint.
Thank you Layla and Anna for shining your light.

Later during the offering as the plate was being passed down each pew, I hear the pitter-patter of small, delicate feet. I turn around to see Layla once again sharing. She is running, running with the click and clack of her shoes, to drop her offering in the plate. She gives without thought, gives as a gift of love.

Thank you Layla for shining your light.

Thanks be to God that it is always that time of year to be amazed by God's shining light. 

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