Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Creative Growth

It's been a while.

Too long.

The last post in this blog came from March 14th.  March!  When I couldn't imagine the heat of summer and the green growth, and now here we are in June.  Surrounded by green and warmth and sun.  It's been a while!  

I look back in the calendar and March was the beginning of Lent.  The beginning of one of the busiest times in the life of the church.  Perhaps I can blame my lack of writing and sharing and reflecting on the extra service each Wednesday in Lent?  Perhaps I can blame the lack of attention to the blog on planning for Holy Week and Easter?  Perhaps laziness is the culprit?    

Then I reflect on what else was going on in March and April.  I recall a lack of energy for anything creative.  If I'm really honest with myself I can say that during those months of quiet on the blog-front, my entire writing world was quiet.  Sermons were hard to come by.  Newsletter articles became a task to get done rather than the gift of writing I usually consider them.  Emails that needed a response took days and maybe weeks.  Letters sat on my desk awaiting a reply.  And the sermons, did I mention the sermons?  It was painful thinking towards each Sunday.  The energy and creativity and illustrations were gone.  Too many times I stared at a blank computer screen.

Now it's June.  Summer is here.  Lent and Holy Week and Easter have come and far gone.

I'm writing again.

And I'm pregnant.  15 weeks pregnant to be exact.

I look back at the calendar and count back 15 weeks to March.

I remember the exhaustion and total lack of ability to do anything other than what needed to be done.  I look back and understand a bit more why it's been so long since I wrote.  

Making it through my first trimester, I can now say that I have more energy.  A less upset stomach.  Less aversion to certain foods.  Less of a need to always be close to a bed or a bathroom.  And a desire to write again.  To share my story.

To use all that pent up creativity and share it with the baby-to-be.  To write this new story that is dwelling inside of me.

It's been too long these last few months, but it's been time well spent.  Time to anticipate and dream and to allow my creativity to envelope this new creation forming inside of me.




  1. Fun picture! Congratulations! I was glad to see you both at Synod Assembly and sorry we couldn't talk a little longer. Meeting 1 day fewer meant fewer in-between conversations! Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy and a great summer! Linda Anderson-Little

  2. Wonderful news, Kim. Blessings on you and your family.