Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Write

Friday is here.  Which means it's time to write for five minutes, and only five minutes.  No second guessing.  No editing.  Just writing.  I am grateful for Lisa Jo Baker and her blog and the community across the world that takes five minutes, five sacred minutes, and honors the words that spring forth.

Five Minute Friday


As a pastor, I write.  Quite a bit.  Newsletter articles, sermons, Bible studies, thank you notes, encouraging notes, prayers, and did I mention sermons?  On and on.  I write to make sense of the world.  I write to share my story.  I write to share God's story. 

Yet, the more I write of God and God's unrelenting love for God's people, the more words fail me.  The more I delve into the mystery of grace, the more I falter with each word.  For as much as I write to make sense of God, the sense of God eludes me.  

And it's precisely in those moments of silence and awe when the words fail to come, that I give thanks for the One who was the Word in the beginning.  

This week that Word of God came to me from the mouth of a child.    

Taking part in learning about first communion with Miley and her family, we gathered around the table in the sanctuary.  Together we were going to set the table, learn about why we take communion, and understand what God does in, with, and under communion.  When we began, I asked Miley, 

"Why do we go to communion?"

Miley answered, "To eat with God."  

There are times when God's story is spoken and all one can do is simply stand in awe.  For more often than not, all the writing in the world can't contain and make sense of the mystery and deep, deep love of God.  In that moment with Miley and her family, no amount of writing or researching could have made as much sense as Miley's words.


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  1. Love the simple answers of children! They always get to the heart of the topic.