Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Hero

It's Friday again and that time to join with voices and writers and dreamers to take five minutes and write.  There is no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying, no second-guessing, only writing.  For Five Minutes.  Read more about Five Minute Friday at Lisa Jo Baker's Blog:


As I gather my thoughts and swiftly move my fingers bringing words to life, I give thanks for the one who first shared the dream with me.  As I wonder what stories to tell and what words breathe life into my story, I pause to recall the one who first told me of a greater story than my own.  From journals and scraps of paper, from drawings and stories, from essays and poems, the words were always wrapped in love.  The words were inspired by the one who was there when my first word echoed in this world.  

I write to make sense of my world and to work my way though my thoughts, hopes, dreams and challenges.  I write because I was gifted from an early age with the knowledge that words matter.  I write because of the love from a mother to a daughter.  

In my closet I have a box of all the journals and stories and writings that I created.  Some for school and some for the pure joy of bringing words to life.  It's a collection of words and drawings and the love of telling a story.  I have some of my mother's writings, too.  And together, that box holds a treasure of memories and hope.  For between that box of writings and a blank page waiting for a story to be told, the voice of my mother, my hero, reaches from the page to encourage me: Keep writing, your words do matter.     

Five Minute Friday

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  1. You have a great way with words Kimberly! I, too, love that words live on and we can read them over and over in times we need comfort and encouragement. Words especially from you mother are to be treasured! Thanks for the post, it was certainly an interesting thought! Have a blessed day. In Him, Kylee from