Monday, December 10, 2012

Interruptions from God

Olivia runs up to me with her arms wide as she wraps her hands around my waist and exclaims, "I just wanted to tell you that I really like you!  I wanted to tell you earlier but you were busy."

My heart just melted.

And yes I was busy earlier.  She was referring to when I was leading worship on Sunday morning.  So, just a little busy, I suppose.

My heart just melted.

This encounter happened after worship on the second Sunday in Advent.  As a community we're counting down till Christmas.  We are waiting.  We are looking into the darkness expecting the light to come.

And we are tired.  At least I am.  I am tired and thinking I'm much busier than I should be after all my talk of rest and Sabbath during this season.  At least it seems as if I'm running in all directions as I'm visiting, writing, reading, preparing, proofing, sermonating, baking, calling, organizing, cleaning, and remembering to breathe.

Then in the midst of worrying what I forgot to announce in worship and whether I'll remember the prayer request just given to me, Olivia comes running to me with her arms wide open.

"I just wanted to tell you that I really like you.  I wanted to tell you earlier but you were busy."

Perhaps that is how God feels when loving each of us?  Perhaps God's arms are always poised with welcome and love and we're just too busy to notice?

What of all those other times that I was too busy to notice God's love stretching to embrace me?        

Because isn't that just like God to sneak up on you with the innocence and pure joy of a five-year-old?  Isn't that just like God to come to us no matter how busy or stressed or inopportune the time?  Isn't that just like God to remind us that true worship isn't about us but about the One who loves us unconditionally?  

Thank God for five-year-olds and for unrelenting love.

And thank you, Olivia, for reminding me that any time is a time to be reminded of love.

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