Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do Not Be Afraid

A Sunday with a baptism and a first communion doesn't get much better for this joyful pastor.  A Sunday to hear the words of God's love for all, to offer bread and wine, and to be washed with water is nothing short of miraculous.  

Week after week God reminds me that the words I preach are as much for me as they are for the community I am privileged to serve.

Below I share the closing words to this morning's sermon; words of hope and promise.  Words inspired by a God who knows no bounds and whose love exceeds beyond understanding.   

Do not be afraid people of God for the Lord is with you.
Do not be afraid for where you see only scarcity, there is abundance if you only see with the eyes of the Lord.
Do not be afraid because you have a community here today who is promising to support and love you.  A community that will pray for you.  A community that will love you no matter what.  A community that will always welcome you home.  
Do not be afraid to remember the means of grace that overcome you today - on this day with the washing of water, the grace of bread and wine, the forgiveness at the table, and the unfathomable love declared by God's words: "Child of God."  
Do not be afraid to be a child of God and to see others as children of God.  
Do not be afraid to share your voice for the voiceless, to call out injustice, and to speak truth to power.
Do not be afraid to cry with those who are mourning.  Do not be afraid to sing with joy with your neighbor and stranger.
Do not be afraid, for the waters that wash over you today and the bread and wine that are freely given will be yours forever.  

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